Lizzie Wright
industrial design



this project began with a question that drives a great deal of designer lizzie wright’s work and her personal philosophy around human-centered design in the modern world…

MATERIAL DISTRICT/Gone Offers a Biodegradable Alternative to Plastic Packaging

With her project Gone, designer Lizzie Wright developed a plant-based bioplastic material that is fully compostable in a matter of days, especially with packaging for energy gels for athletes in mind.

SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST/ Biodegradable energy gel packets are a new tool in trail runners’ quest for sustainability

As much as we try to clean up after ourselves, a number of those plastic-coated foil wrappers inevitably find their way on to the sides of trails and into bushes, posing not just an eyesore but also an environmental hazard. Lizzie Wright, an industrial designer, hopes her invention can alleviate the problem and represent a step towards a more sustainable solution.

One of the first digital display clocks, 1950s Nixies are now prized for their modern aesthetic. Lizzie Wright’s take on the vintage find merges modern finishes with the classic nixie tube clock circuit...


Though they’re now riding together, RISD Cycling co-captains David Kessler 18 ID and Lizzie Wright 18 ID found their passion for racing on separate and very dissimilar paths...

RISD students find some unusual ways to offset the intensity of studio work. Cyclo-cross enthusiasts David Kessler 18 ID, Lizzie Wright 18 ID and Marcus Peabody MFA 19 GD, for example, devoted most weekends last fall to racing through sand and mud and jumping off their bikes when the going got too steep or they needed to “bunny-hop” over obstacles.