Lizzie Wright
industrial design



Lizzie Wright is an Industrial Designer and graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, where she received a BFA with Honors in Industrial Design with a concentration in Nature, Culture, and Sustainability Studies. Currently she lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area as an Industrial Designer for Speck Products. If you are interested in working with her on a freelance basis, please reach out via email!



I believe that it is possible – and necessary – to redesign existing products and systems to fundamentally alter the industrial cycle as we continue to improve the global standard of livingThe greatest obstacle a designer will face is not a question of material aesthetics; rather, it is the user himself.  Everything I make addresses the dichotomy between practiced and desired behaviors.  How can we appeal to a user’s intuition – and change their intuition at the same time?  My creative practice is an attempt to find the answer.


(703) 338 0541

426 San Anselmo Ave
San Bruno, CA



Industrial Designer - Speck

Lead Design Writer &Editor - ADORNO

3D Modeling Intern - Peter Coffin Studio

Cycling Team Captain - RISD

Content Writer & Editor - Gessato

Photographer - RISD Academic Affairs

Wood Shop Supervisor - RISD Industrial Design

Fitness Center Instructor, Supervisor - RISD

Archival Intern - Sikkema Jenkins & Co.


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