Lizzie Wright
industrial design



An integrated platform for proactive senior care


I was invited to participate in the IDEO CoLab Makeathon where I spent a day working alongside other designers, engineers, and MBAs to imagine a product or system that might affect change using Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT).


1 in 4 older adults experiences some type of mental illness, including depression and anxiety disorders, yet mental illness remains critically under-diagnosed and under-treated; 2/3 of older adults with mental health problems do not receive the treatment they need. The stigma regarding depression and mental illness prevents those who are unwell to identify their problems and seek help. This especially prevalent in older adults living alone (30% of seniors aged 65 and older live alone). Family and caretakers are often kept in the dark on how their elderly loved ones are doing...How can emerging technology empower aging adults with depression?

We created Esther, a hearing aid for the elderly that tracks biometrics and speech patterns using IBM Watson's sentiment analysis to identify signs of depression. Esther communicates with a secondary device - a picture frame kept in a loved one's home - that uses a simple light display to indicate signs of depression that might otherwise go unnoticed.

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